Near Infra-Red + Sugar & Wine Industry Expertise


We started in 2009 but our experience goes back 25+ years.  We have worked in over 65 sugar industries around the world. Based near Brisbane, Australia we are inside the footprint of the Australian Sugar Industry.

We work with Near Infra-Red technology NIR, installing and commissioning it for use in sugar and related industries around the world. We have worked with laboratory and process applications related to sugarcane quality and “in factory” applications to improve process outcomes.  We also have a growing experience in the wine industry, with installations in Europe.


NIR applications design
NIR Implementation, installation & commissioning
NIR calibrations and chemometrics
Data modelling, analysis and reporting
NIR monitoring, statistical evaluation &  process control
NIR Problem investigation


Commercially we support global sales and marketing for technology manufacturers and businesses seeking to improve sales and reach into the global sugar industry. We help develop marketing and sales plans, and assist in managing relationships with networks of agents and distributors, and in growing your network for improved financial outcomes.  We have a strong network of contacts throughout the sugar industry across the world.  

Our principle Director, Chris Henderson, works on technology projects as a senior research officer with the Sugar Research Institute (SRI.)

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