Examples of projects we have been involved in

Mauritius Cane Industry Authority, Mauritius

We provided advice regarding monitoring of the performance of Jeffco InfraCana NIR technology implemented throughout the entire industry for analysis of every delivery of sugarcane into a Mauritian sugar factory. We assisted in developing calibrations to become part of the cane quality and payment system. We worked with the Cane and Arbitration Department team over several seasons to develop processes for statistical monitoring and process management, data management and modelling, assisted with risk management plans and provided advice on staffing, training, maintenance and operation across their sampling and testing sites. We provided basic and advanced NIR chemometrics training to staff to assist them to develop locally made calibrations.

Tereos Sugar, Reunion Island

Since 2009 we have supported the operation of the Sugar Analysis System installed to analyse the quality of raw sugar produced for diversion to either domestic consumption or export. The system paid for itself within 6 months by reducing analysis time from 2 hours to 120 seconds, resulting in higher volumes of higher quality raw sugar for export, with higher prices. We provide assistance with maintenance and repair, calibration modelling evaluation and development, statistical process control and monitoring. Almost all of this work is completed remotely, over the internet, using remote access software and data tools.

Agtrix, Australia

Provided business development support, promoting existing products into new markets and working with the owner to evaluate new domestic and overseas sales opportunities.

Jeffress Engineering, Adelaide, Australia

We provide business development, sales, marketing and management services to assist the improvement of the business. We assist in management of a global network of agents and distributors providing local sales and service support, including identification of new agents and expansion of the network. We assist in product development, engineering installation, commissioning and maintenance and manage ongoing business relationship development opening up new markets and leveraging existing products and organisational skill sets into new markets.

Belize Sugar Industry, Tower Hill Cane Testing Unit, Belize

We provided basic and advanced NIR Chemometrics training, and 12 months advanced knowledge transfer and capacity development to develop a newly implemented Cane Quality testing facility including a Jeffco InfraCana NIR system for analysis of every delivery of sugarcane to the ASR BSI sugar factory in real time. Support was provided via remote support and onsite training. Local staff were trained in data management, calibration modelling, statistical process control and reporting practices.

Sugar Research Institute, Kenya

We provided basic and advanced NIR Chemometrics training and supported the Kenyan Sugar Research Institute’s development of an NIR based cane payment solution at the installation and commissioning of a Jeffco InfraCana and Forges Tardieu core sampler Cane Testing Unit facility at the Sony Sugar factory in Western Kenya. Funded by the European Union we provided a 2-year support package to help local staff learn to develop new calibrations, improve good practice in the cane quality laboratory and apply statistical process control procedures in the newly built facility.

MSIRI, Mauritius

We provided training to researchers of the Mauritian Sugar Industry Research Institute (MSIRI) for advanced NIR Chemometrics using Camo AS. Unscrambler multivariate analysis software. Researchers were able to develop their own NIR calibrations models and strategies and conduct effective performance management of the Jeffco InfraCana NIR system they are using for sugarcane plant breeding operations, and other sugar factory research projects.

Green Future Innovations Inc, Luzon, Philippines

We assisted in restarting and repairing the older existing FOSS InfraCana NIR system, provided training and advice on good practice operations and provided statistical process control tools that identified significant financial gains by the factory through better monitoring and management practices.

Sagay Sugar Factory, Negros, Philippines

We trained management in improved statistical process control practices and provided support to improve operations of the older FOSS InfraCana system in the factory.

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