Belize Government Testimonial

“Chris Henderson has been very instrumental in supporting the Sugar Industry of Belize.  Mr. Henderson provided consultancy and technical services in the installation of the Near Infra-Red System in Belize.

The services were provided in Belize and the beneficiaries have expressed great satisfaction with the work and services provided to the Sugar Industry.

Kathrine Mendez, Director, National Authorising Office, Government of Belize

In 2010, in my capacity of adviser to the Kenya Sugar Industry, I recommended the introduction of Near Infra Red (NIR) technology to instantly establish various sugarcane element contents in the sugarcane delivered by small holder farmers.

Following the success of the introduction of the NIR technology and its application training to the Kenya Sugar Industry by Rex Consulting, a similar project was launched in 2016 for the Belize Sugar Industry. Again Rex Consulting was invited to carry out the implementation of the NIR equipment, the introduction of the technology to the industry stakeholders and the training of the operators and technicians.  Again they acquitted themselves very efficiently and professionally to the full satisfaction of all Belize Sugar Industry stakeholders. 

I would therefore sincerely recommend Rex Consulting as the only company to introduce Near Infra Red (NIR) technology, complete the installation, training and provide knowledge transfer and capacity building to ensure you have an accurately functioning NIR solution and well trained knowledgeable staff.

Mr Tonnis Sierenvogel, European Union Agri-Specialist and adviser

“Two years ago, I was a site supervisor for a cane quality testing laboratory, at a remote manufacturing area in Kenya. During this time, I faced challenges such as representative sampling, increasing precision and accuracy of wet laboratory results, and NIR instrument calibration. It was with support from Rex Consulting, specifically from on-site and online discussions with Chris Henderson, that the pilot overcame these challenges and more. The pilot and methods developed are now a vanguard for other cane quality testing laboratories in Kenya. Chris was adaptable to the unique situation, available on short notice and full of innovative approaches to suit our needs. From this experience, I would like to whole-heartedly recommend him for future work that may present the same or different conditions to those we faced.

Hellen Dawo, PhD Researcher, The Netherlands

“I never thought that technical support for our NIR system communicated thru email is feasible until I experienced it with Chris from  Rex Consulting. Timely, concise and precise responses to inquiries makes working with him very satisfying. His commitment in providing great solutions to matters presented to is remarkable.

Felidor Mark Delfin, Instrumentation Section Supervisor, Sagay Central Inc., Sagay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Nesersa Testimonial

“Working at the side with Chris Henderson, I realize the professionalism and the great experience of him over chemometric and NIR technology, specially about  how to transform the reading data in useful information for the factories and to overcome the implementations unique problems as well the day to day challenges.

Marlon Escobar, General Manager, Nesersa Guatemala

I met Chris back in 2004 when our plant implemented the automated cane analysis system. 14 years later we met again and he still has the same expertise in this field which undeniably helped us a lot. What I appreciate the most is how he spends time for every enquiry that I gave him and with it are immediate, concise and useful answers and solutions.

Daniel B. Caasi, Former Instrument and Electrical Manager, Sagay Central Inc., Philippines

“I have known Chris since 2008 and we have cooperated in works to introduce technology and concepts into the Brazilian sugarcane industry. Chris has always showed high skills of project management, supported by respective training in outstanding Australian institutions such as Queensland University of Technology and Sugar Research Institute (SRI), as well as by his deep and sharp knowledge of NIR technology and applications. Moreover, he is always up to teaming up towards completion of tasks and jobs in cooperative manner (unfortunately he has not learnt so far how to order tap beer properly, with a good thick layer of foam on top …..nor how to choose the best Brazilian Football team to be a fan of. )

Rodrigo De Campos, General Manager, Terra, Brazil

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